My Projects

Here is a list of some of my side projects.
Please feel free to contribute or send me some feedback !

You can find a complete list of all the projects I'm working on on my Github profile.

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HEIG-VD Timetable Parser

This small utility can parse timetable files from the HEIG-VD FEE intranet (XLS files) and export the courses, tests and exams into an ICS file you can import into your personnal calendar.


This utility can connect to the HEIG-VD FEE intranet and extract your modules' notes and weightings. It will then generate an XLS file for you with these informations. You can then complete it with fictive notes to plan your module's future note.

Glacier Vault Remove

You can use this utility to connect to Amazon Glacier and completely remove a vault with all it's archives.



Mongoose ShortID (no dependencies)

Small module you can use to generate short ID for your Mongoose documents. It's a fork I've made to remove a dependency on bignum.

uTorrent API

Directly connect to the uTorrent API from Node.

Allociné API

Fetch informations from the Allociné API from Node.

Fibaro API

Interact with the Fibaro API from Node.


Architect Init

Initiate a new architect (or engineer) project from a config file. It will create all the directories and files needed.

iPhone 6 Availability Checker

Check for the availability of your iPhone 6's dream model in Apple Stores of your country. Only tested in Switzerland.


Socket.IO Express Sessions

Show you how to use Express' sessions to authenticate users in Socket.IO.

C Sharp

Users Support

Small application letting you see all computers in your AD domain and then directly connect to a specified computer with TightVNC to help the logged in user.

Hosts File Manager

Manage your Hosts file easily from a graphical interface. You can create multiple Hosts files, and then switch with one click to each other.



Convert a binary file to a PNG image and vice versa.


Secure VPN

Script used to establish a secure VPN connection and block all traffic not going through VPN. You can define some ports to bypass the VPN (SSH, etc).

You can also add multiple VPN servers. When we can't connect to one server, we will try the next one.

The script allow you to speedtest all VPN servers listed in config to find the fastest ones. It will then reorder your servers' config file accordingly.

Browser Extensions


Easily sync your Shazam tracks with a Spotify playlist.

Magento Connect Direct Download

Add direct download buttons to Magento Connect extension pages.


Puppet Server Config

Deploy script used to secure a new server easily and apply some basic configuration.